We want you to be successful. We believe our site and program will make the difference for you. If you buy a multi-month subscription (e.g. 90 Day Subscription, etc.) package and are not successful with your technical test, and meet the following criteria, we will refund your money paid. Here are all of the requirements for the no-hassle money back guarantee:

  1.  You were given a technical test/interview by a United States commercial airline;
  2. You were unsuccessful in your technical test/interview;
  3. You completed at least 80% of our course prior to your technical test/interview; and 
  4. You provide Career Takeoff with written evidence from the airline of your unsuccessful technical test/interview results within three (3) calendar days of receipt of your notice of failure.
The refund amount will only apply to the portion paid for technical interview test, less any discounts or credits granted to user. Please note: there is no refund for Monthly Access Pass customers.

**If The Terms of Use differ from the terms above, the Terms Of Use are the authoritative terms for refunds in the case of unsuccessful Technical Tests.