Personality Assessment

Learn about personality assessments, take one, have it assessed by an individual on our team,and schedule a time to debrief your assessment!

This course offers information about personality assessments typically used at airlines for pre-employment testing for Pilot positions to help you to understand what they assess and how it applies to you.  You will be given the opportunity to take a personality assessment and to schedule time to have an individual assess and debrief you on your assessment.

What's included?

5 Texts
3 Audios
Corporate & Career Takeoff Inc.
Corporate & Career Takeoff Inc.

About the instructor

This course content was created by a team of aviation professionals with over 70 years of aviation experience. Backgrounds include airline HR and pilot hiring experience, air traffic control, general aviation, charter, and corporate. Specific experience includes check airmen, IOE training pilots, and training curriculum designers.

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