There's a fine balance between being prepared for an interview and coming across as scripted and rehearsed.  Through our prep, you will become prepared for your interview while also getting to a comfort level where your personality can come out rather than suppressing it through your interview process.  We offer a plethora of information on this site that we encourage you to explore before your phone sessions and final session with our team.  

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to interview prep for jetBlue Airlines

    • Overview of the jetBlue interview process

  • 2

    Getting Started

    • Prep Process for jetBlue Airlines

    • Send copies of all documents (prior to first phone session)

    • Send Interview Paperwork for review (prior to Final Session)

  • 3

    Schedule Interview Prep

    • Schedule Prep Here!

  • 4

    About jetBlue

    • Research the company

  • 5

    Interview Paperwork

    • Letters of Recommendation

    • Logbooks

  • 6

    Prep prior to 1st Phone Session

    • Preparing for your first phone call

  • 7

    Prep prior to Final Session

    • Final session prep

  • 8


    • FAQS

  • 9

    Meet our jetBlue Prep Team

    • Shelley Logan

    • Randi Lounavaara

    • Micaela Schone

    • Kimberly Hill

    • Insha Luthra

  • 10

    Additional Information

    • Letters of Recommendation

  • 11

    Interview Attire

    • Overall Interview Appearance

    • Travel Tips and Packing List

  • 12

    Men's Attire

    • Your Style

    • Bag or Briefcase

  • 13

    Women's Attire

    • Your Style

    • Examples of Interview Attire

  • 14

    Pilot Open Discussion

    • jetBlue Interviews

  • 15

    Post-Interview Trip Reports and Additional Post Interview Info

    • After the interview...

    • Trip Reports

  • 16

    jetBlue Hiring Process

    • Request for additional information

    • Flight Currency Addendum

    • Training, Accident, Incident, Violation Addendum

About the instructor

Corporate & Career Takeoff Inc.

This course content was created by a team of aviation professionals with over 70 years of aviation experience. Backgrounds include airline HR and pilot hiring experience, air traffic control, general aviation, charter, and corporate. Specific experience includes check airmen, IOE training pilots, and training curriculum designers.

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