Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Outmatch Personality Assessment

    • What is it?

    • Sample Picture of Outmatch Assessment Appearance

    • Sample Outmatch Assessment With Coaching

  • 2

    Schedule Your Interview Prep

    • Schedule Prep Here!

  • 3

    Interview Day

    • Interview Day Logistics

    • Interview Day Tips

  • 4

    Learn about Frontier

    • Frontier Highlights

  • 5

    ATP Test Prep

    • Intro to ATP Test Prep

    • ATP Quiz

    • Additional Tech Questions-no answers or explanations provided at this time

  • 6

    Situational Based Interview

    • Preparing for the Situational Based Interview

    • Intro to Jeppesen Charts video

    • Download Jeppesen Guide

  • 7

    Logbook Review

    • Logbooks

    • Organizing your Logbooks

  • 8

    Meet the Team

    • Shelley Logan

    • Micaela Schone

    • Kimberly Hill

    • Insha Luthra

    • Randi Lounavaara

  • 9

    Trip Reports

    • 2020 Trip Reports

  • 10

    SBI Prep

    • Intro to the Situational Based Interview

    • Basic overview of SBIs

About the instructor

Corporate & Career Takeoff Inc.

This course content was created by a team of aviation professionals with over 70 years of aviation experience. Backgrounds include airline HR and pilot hiring experience, air traffic control, general aviation, charter, and corporate. Specific experience includes check airmen, IOE training pilots, and training curriculum designers.

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