This course will help you prepare for any pilot interview other than the 5 airlines we have customized prep for (American, Delta, United, Southwest, and FedEx).

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Career Takeoff!

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

    • A message from the Career Takeoff Team

    • Career Takeoff Services

  • 2

    Where Do I Start?

    • Determine Your Top 3 Airline Targets

    • Build Your Application BEFORE You Meet The Minimums

    • Apply In The Right Place

    • Have Your Applications Professionally Edited

    • Submit Your Application

  • 3

    Let's get started!

    • The Ideal Pilot

    • The Ideal Application

    • Begin a Flight Journal

    • Research the Company

    • Prepare Technically

  • 4

    Preparing for the Interview

    • Know Thyself!

    • Identify the Interview Process

    • Types of Interviews

    • Interview Day Tips

    • A-Level Experience and One-on-One Interview Prep

    • Why are you interested in this company?

    • Getting to know YOU

    • Identify Your Experience

    • Additional Interview Subjects to Prepare

    • Sample Interview Questions

    • Interview Dos and Don'ts

    • Interview Tips, Surprises, and Mistakes

    • Video and Phone Interviews

  • 5

    Interview Paperwork

    • Application

    • Paperwork

    • Logbooks

    • PRIA Records

    • Letters of Recommendation

    • Paperwork Presentation Tips

  • 6

    Interview Prep Audio Recordings

    • Authenticity

    • Leadership

    • Tolerance for Stress

    • Weaknesses

    • Weaknesses Part 2

    • Avoiding Subjects

  • 7

    Preparing for Your 1:1 Prep Sessions

    • Upload Application and Resume -prior to first phone session

    • Preparing for First Phone Session

    • First Phone Session Expectations

    • Prep for Final Session

    • Prep for Final Session (Cont)

  • 8

    One on One Prep with our Team

    • Schedule Interview Prep

  • 9

    ABX Air

    • ABX Interview Day

    • ABX Panel Interview

    • Fatigue

    • Interview Questions

About the instructor

Corporate & Career Takeoff Inc.

This course content was created by a team of aviation professionals with over 70 years of aviation experience. Backgrounds include airline HR and pilot hiring experience, air traffic control, general aviation, charter, and corporate. Specific experience includes check airmen, IOE training pilots, and training curriculum designers.

Your interview is the next critical step in your career... make sure you are best prepared to get the job offer!

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